Tyler hache

About Tyler

A 20 year old classically trained guitarist by trade, Tyler began writing and performing original music at the age of 15. Like the diverse range of artists who have influenced the musician (Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson and Paul Simon, to name a few), Tyler has a natural ability to craft heart-felt songs that also happen to speak to the masses.

Tyler recently showcased his talents at this years Music NB festival in which he was nominated for four awards, Tyler took home  Solo Recording Of The Year . In May of 2016 Tyler was chosen as the 2016 CBC Searchlight Regional Champion.

On a mission to have his music heard and his story told, Tyler frequently travels throughout the Maritime Provinces, performing alongside his collaborators Caleb Bourgeois and Chris Cormier.

Tyler has been fortunate enough to perform alongside such East Coast bands as Hey Rosetta, Tim Chaisson, and David Myles to name a few.

Coupling a brand new full length album (released November 2015– Producer Chris Kirby) with a newly revitalized and highly rehearsed live show, Tyler is someone you want on your stage. 


“Tyler is a fantastic young songwriter who has incredible promise. I was pleasantly surprised by his writing instincts along with his very distinctive voice”

Louis Thomas – Sonic Entertainment Group


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